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Natfibers is a premium provider of Natural fiber based Coir floor coverings for Export as well as domestic market. The firm also deals in other natural eco-friendly Door mats & Rugs made out of Rubber, Seagrass and Jute amongst others.

Coir, the golden fiber of India used for making the best class Handloom mats...
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Geotextiles arena is overflowed with "Synthetic products" and natural fibre made geo-wovens made from Coir, Jute etc are "yet to catch up" to "far behind".
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PVC Coir Mats

The best seller in Coir Mats now, the well built bottom with Poly Vinayil Compound coating makes the mats totally non-slip.
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Coir/Seagrass Mats

Antique in Style
The Coir/Seagrass mats have the most variation of natural shading of all the natural floorings.
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Hollander Mats

The best way to introduce.
The Hollander Mats are fabricated on special frames and the patterns, that brings in a style.
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Fiber Mats

Every step with a touch of luxury
While using a mat it should guarantee the durability and the quality of the materials...
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Rubber Based Coir Mats

This coir/rubber combine has the uniqueness of forming designs with rubber layers on the coir surface portion.
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Rubber Grill Mats

Close to nature.
Rubber Grill Mat are ‘anywhere’ use mats; made with 100% rubber using steel moulds for design formation.
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